Node 8 and npm@5 release: What’s new?
Node.js and npm just had new major releases. In this article, we’ll highlight 7 notable additions to Node.js and dabble into the new monster, npm@5.

19+ JavaScript Shorthand Coding Techniques
This really is a must read for any JavaScript-based developer. I have written this article as a vital source of reference for learning shorthand JavaScript coding techniques that I have picked up over the years. To help you understand what is going on I have included the longhand versions to give some coding perspective.

How to get the most out of the JavaScript console
One of the most basic debugging tools in JavaScript is console.log(). The console comes with several other useful methods that can add to a developer’s debugging toolkit. You can use the console to perform some of the following tasks: Output a timer to help with simple benchmarking; Output a table to display an array or object in an easy-to-read format; Apply color and other styling options to the output with CSS.

A crash course in memory management
This is the 1st article in a 3-part series: A crash course in memory management, A cartoon intro to ArrayBuffers and SharedArrayBuffers, Avoiding race conditions in SharedArrayBuffers with Atomics. To understand why ArrayBuffer and SharedArrayBuffer were added to JavaScript, you need to understand a bit about memory management.

Habits of a Happy Node Hacker 2017
Here are 8 habits for happy Node hackers updated for 2017. They’re specifically for app developers, rather than module authors, since those groups have different goals and constraints.

Node.fz: fuzzing the server-side event-driven architecture
This paper provides a fascinating look at common causes of concurrency bugs in server-side event driven architecture (EDA) based applications. By far the most popular framework supporting this style is Node.js of course.


在 ECharts GL 中绘制三维地图
这篇教程就希望通过在 Gallery 里绘制一个有丰富的光效、阴影的写实风格的三维地图的例子,简单介绍一些ECharts GL与画质相关的配置项,最终效果

良好解决多终端开发问题是提升团队开发效率的有效方法,本文全面解析了京东 JDReact 三端融合平台,一起来看看京东的解决方案吧!



Handling State in React: Four Immutable Approaches to Consider
Perhaps the most common point of confusion in React today: state. Here are four ways to treat state as immutable.

Why I Chose React Over Vue
使用 JS 所以在工具层面比较容易支持

If we chose our JavaScript Framework like we chose our music
Through this series of blog posts, we are going to try our best to give you a framework for choosing a framework (how meta is that?) and along the way, we are going to try to provide some analysis of several of today’s leading frameworks.

FuseBox — a Faster, Simpler Webpack Alternative
FuseBox is a next generation ecosystem of tools that provides for all of the requirements of the development lifecycle. It enables developers to bundle any file format, it is a module loader, a transpiler, a task runner and much more. In this article we are going to use FuseBox to walk you through the common tasks involved in developing a JavaScript application.

A Complete Guide To Switching From HTTP To HTTPS
In this guide, I will explain the individual components and steps and will clearly cover the individual stages of the setup. Your experience should be easy, especially if your hosting provider also supplies HTTPS certificates — chances are you will be able to perform everything from your control panel quickly and easily.

Instagram Makes a Smooth Move to Python 3
Ahem. Four. Hundred. Million. Users. Per. Day. Not only has Instagram scaled to become the biggest Python user in the world, but the company recently moved over to Python 3 with zero user experience interruption. Instagram engineers Hui Ding and Lisa Guo talked with The New Stack to share the Python love and describe the Python 3 migration experience.

SQLite small blob storage: 35% Faster Than the Filesystem
SQLite reads small blobs (for example, thumbnail images) 35% faster¹ than the same blobs can be read from or written to individual files on disk using fread() or fwrite(). Furthermore, a single SQLite database holding 10-kilobyte blobs uses about 20% less disk space than storing the blobs in individual files.

Get Ready for Web Bluetooth
With the new Web Bluetooth API now available in Chrome Browsers 56+ and Opera 44+, as well as more recent Android browsers, the world of connected devices just got a little closer to realizing the promise of the Physical Web: “Walk up and use anything”.


ESLint v4.0.0 released
We just pushed ESLint v4.0.0, which is a major release upgrade of ESLint. This release adds some new features and fixes several bugs found in the previous release. This release also has some breaking changes, so please read the following closely.

React v15.6.0
关键升级点: Improving Inputs; Less Noisy Deprecation Warnings.

Angular 4.2 Now Available
What’s new? Angular Forms now includes validators for min and max attributes; You can now bootstrap a component directly by passing an element reference to the bootstrap method of an ApplicationRef; Improved i18n tooling including MissingTranslationStrategy and location notes in xliff2 files; We’ve begun laying the foundation for testing AOT components, which will become possible in a future release; New compiler flag alwaysCompileGeneratedCode is available opt-in, and will be turned on by default in the future.

Announcing TypeScript 2.4 RC
新特性:TypeScript 2.4 is bringing support for ECMAScript’s new import() calls. Safer callback parameter checking. Weak types. String enums.

Firefox 54: E10S-Multi, WebExtension APIs, CSS clip-path
Today’s release completes Firefox’s transformation into a fully multi-process browser, running many simultaneous content processes in addition to a UI process and, on Windows, a special GPU process. Firefox continues its rapid implementation of new WebExtension APIs. These APIs are designed to work cross-browser. The CSS clip-path property allows authors to define which parts of an element are visible.

Amplitude.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that allows you to control the design of your media controls in your webpage – not the browser. No dependencies (jQuery not required). Amplitude.js is available under the MIT License.

ZangoDB is a MongoDB-like interface for HTML5 IndexedDB that supports most of the familiar filtering, projection, sorting, updating and aggregation features of MongoDB, for usage in the web browser.

1kb(gzip) javascript Path Transition library.

Now UI Kit: A Bootstrap 4 UI Kit
Now UI Kit is a responsive Bootstrap 4 kit provided for free by Invision and Creative Tim. It is a beautiful cross-platform UI kit featuring over 50 elements and 3 templates. Now UI Kit is one of the most popular UI Kits online, provided in PSD and Sketch formats by Invision. We wanted to find a way for developers worldwide to benefit from using it. So, in collaboration with Invision, we are launching the HTML version for it!

A small (1kb), async and simple state management solution for Javascript applications.

Convenient and dependency free wrapper for working with arrays and objects. Collect.js offers an (almost) identical api to Laravel Collections 5.4.

js-joda - Immutable date and time library for javascript
Java 中著名的时间处理类库 joda 的 JS 版本。

camaro is an utility to transform XML to JSON, using Node.js binding to native XML parser pugixml, one of the fastest XML parser around.

100+ Emulators Written in JavaScript
整理各种 JS 写的模拟器,包括非常多老设备

#c0ffee is the color
快速查看颜色对应的 code

Reladomo - Enterprise Open Source Java ORM
We began Reladomo development in 2004. The first production deployment was later that year and we’ve been releasing regularly ever since. In the intervening years, Reladomo has become widely adopted at Goldman Sachs, and the applications that use it have guided the major new features we’ve added. It is now used in multiple ledgers, middle office trade processing, balance sheet processing, and dozens of other applications. Goldman Sachs released Reladomo (short for relational domain objects) as an open source project under the Apache 2.0 license in 2016.

R Markdown
R Markdown provides an authoring framework for data science. You can use a single R Markdown file to both. R Markdown documents are fully reproducible and support dozens of static and dynamic output formats.

The Art of Design
Step inside the minds of the most innovative designers in a variety of disciplines and learn how design impacts every aspect of life.

Standard Ebooks: Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced
Standard Ebooks is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit project that produces lovingly formatted, open source, and free public domain ebooks. Standard Ebooks takes ebooks from sources like Project Gutenberg, formats and typesets them using a carefully designed and professional-grade style guide, lightly modernizes them, fully proofreads and corrects them, and then builds them to take advantage of state-of-the-art ereader and browser technology.

Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs
This is certainly a surprising result, one that I didn’t expect to find when I started exploring the data. And it is impressively robust even when controlling for many confounding factors. As an exercise I tried controlling for many other confounding factors within the survey data beyond those mentioned here, but it was difficult to make the effect shrink and basically impossible to make it disappear.

GitHub - New community tools
We’re introducing two new tools to help maintain and grow open source communities: Recommended community standards, Easier codes of conduct. 另:Nested teams add depth to your team structure


For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less
When our office culture is focused on business rather than socializing, we reduce the number of ways in which we all have to be the same. When we do that, we allow diversity to flourish. If your culture expects people to work long hours or hang out off-hours, the strain on the people who are different, in whatever way, is increased, and your ability to retain a diverse work force is reduced. If you want to build an inclusive culture, build a minimum culture. Build it around professionalism, boundaries, and work-life balance. Make sure your senior staff walks the walk, and spreads the word.

Lessons I’ve Learned from Three Million Downloads
Before writing an app that ‘made it’, I wrote plenty that didn’t make it. Design everything around the first time user. Listen to your critics, but don’t do what they say. A great product is better than a viral gimmick.


这又是一篇劝大家“不要盲目崇拜”的文章。不过这次我列出了一长串有用的清单,或许能够帮助你们做出更好的决定。如果你还在使用 Google 搜索新技术来重建你的软件架构,那么我建议你不要再这么做了。相反,你可以考虑应用 UNPHAT 原则:在彻底了解(Understand)你的问题之前,不要急着去寻找解决方案。你的目标应该是在问题领域内“解决”问题,而不是在方案领域内解决问题;列出(eNumerate)多种方案,不要只把眼睛盯在你最喜欢的方案上;选择一个候选方案,并阅读相关论文(Paper);了解候选方案的产生背景(Historical context);比较优点(Advantages)和缺点,扬长避短;思考(Think),冷静地思考候选方案是否适合用于解决你的问题。另附一个和这篇文章观点类似的文章:Excel与微服务

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