Top JavaScript Libraries & Tech to Learn in 2018
Last year, I wrote an article rounding up the top tech to learn in 2017. This year there are some surprises. First, software ate the world, the web ate software, and JavaScript ate the web. In 2018, React is eating JavaScript.

The Node.js Community was amazing in 2017!
2017 was a great year for the Node.js Community! Not only the developers who contribute to Node make this platform so great, but those who create learning materials around it were also exceptional.

Codeburst.io - Best of 2017
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Vue.js vs React in 2017: state of art
Vue.js is clearly the leader in “would like to learn” by a huge margin which makes me think the next year would be the year of Vue.js success, with React being stable in its growth, while Angular won’t be able to keep up with these two rivals. Compare it with 2016 when Vue.js was clearly a dark horse and “another JS framework”, Angular was a second choice for “serious guys” and React was a leader.

Review of Popular Interface Design Trends in 2017
Here we’ve gathered the collection of trends which won the big place in web and mobile interfaces of 2017 supporting most of them by designs from Tubik team.

解读 2017 年终全球 JavaScript 技术调查结果
结合 stateofjs 公布的 2017 年关于 JavaScript 全球调查结果来解读下即将要过去的这一年的 JavaScript 技术相关情况。

Ant Design 色板生成算法演进之路
确定” 作为 Ant Design 的设计理念之一,在调色板这一隅发挥得淋漓尽致:用科学定义设计,在设计有迹可循的同时提高了代码的可维护性,减少开发阶段样式代码的不确定性。Ant Design 三个大版本的色板生成算法各不相同,却一直在完善,本文对其三个版本的色板生成算法进行解读,聊一聊我的体会。

Riot.js 框架深入解析
本文主要在 riot.js 源码 方面,分析一下 riot.js 的执行原理和使用优化。

阮一峰老师科普区块链,通俗易懂,不了解 blockchain 这货的可以翻翻。

A Tinder Progressive Web App Performance Case Study
Tinder recently swiped right on the web. Their new responsive Progressive Web App — Tinder Online — is available to 100% of users on desktop and mobile, employing techniques for JavaScript performance optimization, Service Workers for network resilience and Push Notifications for chat engagement. Today we’ll walk through some of their web perf learnings.

What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?
ALM helps businesses make smart decisions about their software and manage it efficiently over time. Let’s look at the key components of ALM, the benefits, and the tools you need to implement it on your team.

No boundaries for user identities: Web trackers exploit browser login managers
In this second installment of the No Boundaries series, we show how a long-known vulnerability in browsers’ built-in password managers is abused by third-party scripts for tracking on more than a thousand sites.

Why TLS 1.3 isn’t in browsers yet
The reductive answer to why TLS 1.3 hasn’t been deployed yet is middleboxes: network appliances designed to monitor and sometimes intercept HTTPS traffic inside corporate environments and mobile networks. Some of these middleboxes implemented TLS 1.2 incorrectly and now that’s blocking browsers from releasing TLS 1.3. The deeper truth of the story is that TLS 1.3, as it was originally designed, was incompatible with the way the Internet has evolved over time. How and why this happened is the multifaceted question I will be exploring in this blog post.

A pattern language for microservices
The beginnings of a pattern language for microservice architectures.

Advanced Numpy Techniques
NumPy is an open-source package that’s part of the SciPy ecosystem. Its main feature is an array object of arbitrary dimension, but this fundamental collection is integral to any data-focused Python application. Most people learn numpy through assimilation or necessity. I believe NumPy has the latter learning curve (steep/easy to learn), so you can actually invest just a little bit of time now (by going through this notebook, for instance), and reap a lot of reward!

Building a Distributed Log from Scratch
In part one of this series we introduced the idea of a message log, touched on why it’s useful, and discussed the storage mechanics behind it. In part two, we discuss data replication.

Operating System Design Book Series
This page hosts the list of books within the Operating System Design Book Series by Benjamin David Lunt. There are currently eight books planned with six already published and one in development. Please note that the names and count of volumes may change as the need arises or interests change. Please visit this page every so often to see the progress of this series.


New Package Moniker rules
Package names can include punctuation like dots, dashes, and underscores (., -, _). Punctuation can make package names readable! For example react-native is a more readable name than reactnative would be. However, many typosquat names either accidentally or on purpose use punctuation differences to sneak through. For example, until this change it was possible to typosquat react-native by publishing reactnative. Under our new naming rules, however, this is disallowed.

Babel - Nearing the 7.0 Release
Babel turned 3 years old on September 28, 2017! We started a new videos page! We created this for people wanting to learn more about how Babel works and to help others contribute back.

Introducing Hyperapp 1.0
1 KB JavaScript library for building frontend applications. This milestone means the API has reached stability and the churn is finally over. It took us almost a year to arrive at the current API and while it will never be perfect, done is better than perfect and I am extremely pleased with the result.

A Sneak-Peek Inside The Southeast Asian Web Community
A few weeks ago, Vitaly Friedman (co-founder of this little magazine) and I had the pleasure to join Mozilla’s Developer Roadshow, traveling through four countries in Southeast Asia in just two weeks. We visited cities that are buzzing with life and met people who share our passion for the web. Our mission: To get up close with the Southeast Asian web community. We wanted to learn how different local communities are compared to Europe and the US. What can we learn from them? And what feels familiar?

What was the best CS paper you read in 2017

Docker, Inc is Dead
People will look back on 2017 as the year Docker, a great piece of software, was completely ruined by bad business practices leading to its end in 2018. This is an outside facing retrospective on how and where Docker went wrong and how Docker’s efforts to fix it are far too little way too late. 另附:Is Docker Dead?.

Fast and consistent hashCode for any object type

Weekly Trending Repositories on GitHub - 20171227
30-seconds-of-codeFacebok 的 Docusaurus · Easy to Maintain Open Source Documentation Websites 挺有意思的。另附:What’s Happening in JavaScript — December 2017

Wix - Make the Web Your Playground
Start with a blank slate, then move around any element with drag and drop. Design in any layout you want - columns, strips, full-width or anything else you can imagine. There are no limits to what you can make.

Yew is a modern Rust framework inspired by Elm and ReactJS. This framework designed to be compiled into modern browsers’ runtimes: wasm, asm.js, emscripten.

Ruby 2.5.0 Released
Ruby 2.5.0 is the first stable release of the Ruby 2.5 series. It introduces many new features and performance improvements.

A volunteer project to create a free engine clone of the Genie Engine used by Age of Empires, Age of Empires II (HD) and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, comparable to projects like OpenMW, OpenRA, OpenTTD and OpenRCT2. At the moment we focus our efforts on the integration of Age of Empires II, while being primarily aimed at POSIX platforms such as GNU/Linux.

Remove my password from lists so hackers won’t be able to hack me


Effective Engineer - Notes
They are the people who get things done. Effective Engineers produce results.

One-on-one meetings are underrated, whereas group meetings waste time
I have had good results with a style of management where I mostly have one-on-one meetings. These meetings can be just 15 minutes, or maybe 30 if there is a serious issue that needs to be discussed. If I’m leading a small team (less than 20 people) I’ll have meetings with each person at least once a week, but with key players more often than that.

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