React + Redux + Comlink = Off-main-thread
The more I read up on React, the more I see React and Redux appearing together. That got me thinking: My goal is to bring off-main-thread architectures to main-stream web development. Are React and Redux compatible with this philosophy? Let’s give it a try!

Getting to the Heart of Digital Accessibility
Quick! Think of the word “developer” or “coder” — what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe a whiteish male in his twenties living in a busy metropolis, wearing a nerdy t-shirt and hoodie? Someone a bit like Mark Zuckerberg? Or maybe a younger Bill Gates or Sergey Brin? Any of the dudes from the HBO series Silicon Valley, perhaps? Certainly no one like me.

Do React Hooks Replace Redux?
TL;DR: Hooks are Great, but No.

页面可视化搭建工具, 是互联网公司中常见的运营工具, 实现了运营人员快速生成和发布页面, 提升页面上线效率; 且无需开发人员介入, 节省开发人力。本文主要讨论: 设计和开发页面可视化搭建工具包含哪些技术要点.

一晃眼 2019 年已过大半,年初信誓旦旦要学习新技能的小伙伴们立的 flag 都完成的怎样了?2019 年对于大前端技术领域而言变化不算太大,目前三大技术框架日趋成熟,短期内不大可能出现颠覆性的前端框架 (内心 OS:出了也学不动了)。本文结合个人和团队经历对 2019 上半年做个技术总结。

这是一款与 Python 深度集成、基于 Web 开发、无需在各个工具之间切换、适用大部分职业工作场景的开源电子表格应用程序。对它的评价只有 Wow awesome,amazing!

技术人需要突破的 10 个困局
2010 年工作,2013 年初涉创业,至今 9 年,无论是创业还是在职场都趟了不少弯路,前两周对团队做技术管理者套路内训时,把过去的收获整理成这 10 句话,放到了 PPT 最后一页作为结语,感觉过于简练了,打算再做一个更准确的阐述。

Storybook - Component Story Format
Simple, portable, future-proof component examples

Functional TDD: A Foundation for Web Applications
For Web Applications, Focus on Function, not Form.

JavaScript: What’s new in ES2019
As one of the most popular programming languages and the staple of web development, JavaScript is constantly evolving and with each iteration it gets some fresh internal changes. Let’s check out some of the new proposed features of ES2019 that could soon find a way into our everyday code.

This Ain’t Disney: A practical guide to CSS transitions and animation
Digital user experiences, however, are not bound by strict laws governing the physics of movement; designers are essentially left to their own devices to come up with a physics pattern and apply it effectively to their design. This do-it-yourself culture around animation introduces a risk factor, and designers don’t really get a share of the project’s “risk budget,” which is usually reserved for new tech, so this often takes animation off the table for smaller teams. With that said, you’re not completely in the dark when using CSS. You have useful tools and defaults to get started, and with some basic knowledge, you can begin introducing a pleasant animated experience for your users.

I Used The Web For A Day On A 50 MB Budget
Data can be prohibitively expensive, especially in developing countries. Chris Ashton puts himself in the shoes of someone on a tight data budget and offers practical tips for reducing our websites’ data footprint.

Browser extensions are underrated: the promise of hackable software
Among major software platforms today, browser extensions are the rare exception that allow and encourage users to modify the apps that we use, in creative ways not intended by their original developers. On smartphone and desktop platforms, this sort of behavior ranges from unusual to impossible, but in the browser it’s an everyday activity. Browser extensions remind us what it’s like to have deep control over how we use our computers. 另附:Google and Mozilla are failing to support browser extension developers.

Ten Things Serverless Architects Should Know
Building on the first three parts of the AWS Lambda scaling and best practices series where you learned how to design serverless apps for massive scale, AWS Lambda’s different invocation models, and best practices for developing with AWS Lambda, we now invite you to take your serverless knowledge to the next level by reviewing the following 10 topics to deepen your serverless skills. 另附:Serverless Components Beta

SMR: What we learned in our first year
A year ago, we became the first major tech company to adopt high-density SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) technology for our storage drives. At the time, we faced a challenge: while SMR offers major cost savings over conventional PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) drives, the technology is slower to write than conventional drives. We set out on a journey to reap the cost-saving benefit of SMR without giving up on performance. One year later, here’s the story of how we achieved just that.

EGG: A toolkit for multi-agent language emergence simulations
EGG is a new toolkit that allows researchers and developers to quickly create game simulations in which two neural network agents devise their own discrete communication system in order to solve a task together. For example, in one of the implemented games, one agent sees a handwritten digit and has to invent a communication code to tell the other agent which number it represents.

Evolution of Netflix Conductor: v2.0 and beyond
Conductor is a workflow orchestration engine developed and open-sourced by Netflix. In the last two years since inception, Conductor has seen wide adoption and is instrumental in running numerous core workflows at Netflix. Many of the Netflix Content and Studio Engineering services rely on Conductor for efficient processing of their business flows. The Netflix Media Database (NMDB) is one such example. In this blog, we would like to present the latest updates to Conductor, address some of the frequently asked questions and thank the community for their contributions.

Experiment, Simplify, Ship
We experiment with Go as it exists now, to understand it better, learning what works well and what doesn’t. Then we experiment with possible changes, to understand them better, again learning what works well and what doesn’t. Based on what we learn from those experiments, we simplify. And then we experiment again. And then we simplify again. And so on. And so on.


W3C Workshop Report - Web Games
https://www.w3.org/2018/12/games-workshop/report.html W3C is pleased to announce a report from the W3C Workshop on Web Games held in late June 2019, in Redmond, WA, USA.

IPFS Project Q3 Priorities & Working Groups
IPFS is growing! This year we’ve grown immensely in network size, number of apps building with IPFS, number of end-users of IPFS-powered apps, and the number of developers contributing to the codebase.

Electron 6.0.0
Much of Electron’s functionality is provided by the core components of Chromium, Node.js, and V8. Electron keeps up-to-date with these projects to provide our users with new JavaScript features, performance improvements, and security fixes. Each of these packages has a major version bump in Electron 6.

Bootstrap - Introducing our Long Term Support plan
Starting today, Bootstrap 3 will move to end of life, and will no longer receive critical security updates. Bootstrap 4 will move to Long Term Support after we release v4.4 and will no longer receive new features from then on. It will continue to receive bug fixes, security updates, and documentation updates. Bootstrap 5 is under active development.

Announcing Bit with Angular Public Beta
We’re excited to introduce public beta for Bit with Angular 8+. You can now share Angular components between different projects and collaborate over components as a team to build your applications faster together.

Semiotic - A data visualization framework for React
It provides three types of frames XYFrame, OrdinalFrame, NetworkFrame, to deploy a wide variety of charts.

  • XYFrame: XY data i.e. line charts and scatterplots
  • OrdinalFrame: categorical data i.e. bar charts, violin plots, parallel coordinates
  • NetworkFrame: topological and network data i.e. flow

ReactJS based Presentation Library.

Components AI
Experimental platform for exploring generative design systems.

Hotkey Behavior
Trigger an action on an element with a keyboard shortcut.

esprint - a fast eslint runner
esprint (pronounced E-S-sprint) speeds up eslint by running the linting engine across multiple threads. esprint sets up a server daemon to cache the lint status of each file in memory. It uses a watcher to determine when files change, to only lint files as necessary. It also has a CI mode where it does not set up a daemon and just lints in parallel. 另附来自美团及时团队的:ESLint 在中大型团队的应用实践.

A Satisfying Liquid Simulation
Merges WebAssembly and WebGL together. Shake the window about to see it in action. Uses the LiquidFun engine and the regl WebGL library.

A full-featured framework for building command line applications (cli) with node.js, including help generation, colored output, verbosity control, custom logger, coercion and casting, typos suggestions, and auto-complete for bash/zsh/fish.

Sampler. Visualization for any shell command
Sampler is a tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file.

Hackathon Starter - A boilerplate for Node.js web applications
If you have attended any hackathons in the past, then you know how much time it takes to get a project started: decide on what to build, pick a programming language, pick a web framework, pick a CSS framework. When I started this project, my primary focus was on simplicity and ease of use. I also tried to make it as generic and reusable as possible to cover most use cases of hackathon web apps, without being too specific. In the worst case, you can use this as a learning guide for your projects, if for example you are only interested in Sign in with Google authentication and nothing else.

Kafkajs - A modern Apache Kafka client for node.js
Almost) No Dependencies, Committed to staying lean and dependency free. 100% Javascript, with no native addons required. Well Tested, Every commit is tested against a production-like multi-broker Kafka cluster, ensuring that regressions never make it into production.

Announcing PartiQL: One query language for all your data https://aws.amazon.com/cn/blogs/opensource/announcing-partiql-one-query-language-for-all-your-data/
PartiQL is a new query language that extends SQL to be able to support non-relational, schemaless and other data formats too. It’s open source and already in use internally in various AWS systems. One of its co-creators also created SQL++ (which saw implementation via Couchbase’s N1QL) several years ago. 另附:Understanding and leveraging Azure SQL Database’s SLA.

Liftbridge: Lightweight, Fault-Tolerant Message Streams
Liftbridge provides lightweight, fault-tolerant message streams by implementing a durable stream augmentation for the NATS messaging system. It extends NATS with a Kafka-like publish-subscribe log API that is highly available and horizontally scalable. Use Liftbridge as a simpler and lighter alternative to systems like Kafka and Pulsar or use it to add streaming semantics to an existing NATS deployment.

The Data Engineering Cookbook
I split this cookbook into five parts: Part one is the introduction to the book; In part two you will learn the basic data engineering skills; Part three contains a real world data engineering example we currently work on; The fourth part contains over 30 case studies with links from companies like Netflix, Twitter, Spotify; Part five is a collection of one thousand and one interview questions (currently approx. 150). It’s not only useful for beginners, professionals will definitely like the case study section. 另附:Math Basics for Computer Science and Machine Learning [pdf].

Standard Ebooks
Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover.




一篇文章快速掌握市面上主流规范原则和常用的原则。本篇文章要讲的设计原则包含六类:1.尼尔森十大可用性原则 2.三大原则定律 3.Ant Design设计原则 4.微信小程序设计原则 5.iOS设计原则 6.Material Design 设计原则

UX Writing Is More Than Words
Learn 5 ways to work with your UX writing team.

Expanding the Concept of Design
Since the late 1960s, the concept of design has undergone a rapid expansion, both in academic discourse and in industry. While the specific meaning of the word design within more narrowly defined particular contexts has not been lost, the design concept on the whole has become more and more encompassing. Expanding far beyond beautification and form giving, or the technical conception and creation of artefacts, processes and organizations, design is increasingly being recognized as a fundamental influence in most human activities. Professor David Orr pertinently illustrates the challenges associated with the expanding awareness of the significance of design.


Why do some developers at strong companies like Google consider Agile development to be nonsense?
However, once you get past these high level ideas into details, the agreement starts to fade. Agile has some good ideas but it also has problematic elements which are too centered around short-term thinking for working on revolutionary engineering projects done at companies like Google. Without getting buried in details, let’s look at the themes in Principles behind the Agile Manifesto.



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